1 thought on “enlight1

  1. John Crowfoot, lifetime resident of Geldeston and parish Tree Warden since 2010

    “Establishes itself easily from seed” – to anyone trying to contain the spread of sycamore that is an understatement!

    I think the scientific tag “pseudo-platanus” explains a great deal. Sycamore breed and seed rapidly and reach a substantial height in a short time. They are, perhaps, the poor man’s plane tree. If you want something big to fill up a gap, you can plant sycamore – but I wouldn’t advise it. The panicles spread far and wide and if they fall on neglected or untended land they will soon grow into sizable trees and present a problem. The same is true of other members of the Acer family, of course, but at least the Field Maple does not become a nuisance – and it also is a fine hedgerow plant or tree, which the Sycamore emphatically is not.

    If Norfolk or South Norfolk Council are seriously considering Sycamore as a potential replacement when a great many Ash disappear I would suggest they think again.



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