Pictures supplied by TWs can be published here so please email your best pictures preferably with some explanation of what event/planting you photographed.

December 2020

4,000 trees delivered,  sorted and ready for planting!


July 2nd 2017

South Norfolk Tree Wardens attended South Norfolk on Show event

December 2016 – May 2017

Friends of Swardeston Common Project

Derek Barber & Simon Pithers – Tree Wardens for Swardeston have embarked on a fantastic community project to restore Swardeston Common to it’s former glory. Below are a number of photos showing their progress to date. To read the full story click here. Friends of Swardeston Common

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February 2017

Hedge Planting at Norwich Research Park

Tuesday 7th saw a group of Norwich Research Park employees helping with hedge planting . The work was overseen by South Norfolk Tree Wardens. Photographs kindly supplied by Anne Edwards ( Hethersett Tree Warden).

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Recent hedge  planting at Thurton and Alpington

January 2017

These photos show the recent hedge planting at Saxlingham overseen by Sarah Long.

Here are a some photos from the Hethersett Tree Wardens (Colin Ward and Anne Edwards) showing this year’s planting project: filling in gaps in hedges and putting in young oaks close to veterans

December 2016

More tree planting at Poringland Lakes

November 2016

April 2016

Tree planting at Poringland Lakes

Led by Henry Gowman (TW Poringland) & Peter Aspinall (TW Flordon). Peter is also a member of Poringland Lakes Association.

November 1st

Examples of Ash dieback in Poringland

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October 2016

Working with wood

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Henry Gowman, Chairman South Norfolk Tree Warden Network working with Ash

September 2016

East Anglian Tree Wardens Forum.

Follow the link to read The Chairs Report


South Norfolk Tree Wardens

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