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Reporting Highway Tree Problems


My South Norfolk



SNC Weekly Lists: Planning and Decisions

            The Tree Council                              Woodland Trust                                South Norfolk Council

Forestry Commision                        National Tree Safety Group                 Arboricultural Association


Forestry Contracting Association  Institute of Chartered Foresters      Intl Society of Arboriculture


Growing Native                         Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981             British Trust for Ornithology




Landcape Institute.                                                      Pests & Disease Threats

London Tree Surgeons: This group has put together a playlist of 196 short videos to improve individuals knowledge of our native trees. The link takes you to the list and you can choose which one you would like to view.

‘Monty is planting a larger bare rooted tree than is usual for us but the same advice applies – except that with whips planted in winter – they probably don’t need watering ‘.

These four videos produced by British Hardwood Trees give best practice advice on planting.>>