Planting Application Process

🌿Tree Planting-Application process🌿

◦ Tree Warden identifies need for trees – including location amount variety etc.

◦ Landowners permission for planting is sought and confirmed in writing

◦ Tree Warden makes funding application for the trees and associated equipment to the South Norfolk Tree Warden committee. (See example below.) Note: The Landowners permission confirmation MUST be included.

◦ All applications are to be submitted by 30th September.
Please send your application to:-

SNTWN Committee 

3 Radar Close

Stoke Holy Cross,


NR14 8XX

◦ Committee meets and reviews all applications in October

◦ Tree Wardens are notified of their application outcome by end of October

◦ Committee submits orders to supplier for delivery in November.

NOTE: We only place ONE bulk order to avoid paying delivery charges – this way we pay just for trees and necessary accessories.

◦ Tree Wardens are notified of delivery date and location.

NOTE: Trees MUST be collected that day.

◦ Tree Wardens collect trees and accessories they have ordered.


I don’t think it possible, without writing a book, to cover every aspect of planting a tree or hedge but this aide is intended to cover most schemes. The watchword is vigilance. If you have a query about any aspect of tree planting or maintenance, then please contact me: Henry Gowman 07906 701891
Please take a look at the example of an application for funding a tree planting scheme on our website under Planting Application Process. Your application needs to be forwarded to me at the following e-mail address for consideration and approval of your committee:
WHERE: Specific location details giving road names/map ref/post code as appropriate
The area must have public access – or – be visible from a public path or highway.
Check overhead and underground services will not be compromised when trees are fully grown – look for and ask about sewer and water pipes – telephone or fibre optic cables.
Will the planting obscure sight lines at road junctions
WHY: What purpose will the planting serve – amenity value/landscape benefit/wildlife refuge
WHO: Who is going to do the actual planting? I recently planted 180 trees which would have taken me a minimum of 15 hours hard work if I had done it on my own. With a work party given instruction and under supervision, the job was completed in 3 hours.
Who owns the site? If it is the Parish or Highways Dept of SNC then a copy email from them giving permission will suffice. If privately owned, then the Landowners Form must be completed. See on this area of the website.
HOW: How are the trees going to be maintained over the next 3 to 4 years, until they can cope with their situation? Who is going to keep the base of the planting weed free for a square yard?
How much is the planting going to cost – including any rabbit or deer guards and bamboo sticks or stakes.
Remember – small bare root trees do better and soon overtake larger trees – and are cheaper. More bang for the buck!
Bare root trees – once taken out of the delivery bag – will die within 20 minutes if the roots are exposed to sun or wind or cold….or all three. Dig the hole, position the stake and get the guard ready – take the tree from its bag – plant the tree to the original soil level mark on its stem – fan out the roots – cover with soil and firm in – put on guard and secure tree to stake if necessary.
It may not be necessary to provide rabbit or deer guards if the tree is to be planted in a village or town – but consider vandal protection.
WHAT: We should be concentrating on planting native species but certain street trees would be considered if appropriate to the area. We are not accepting orders for Ash trees, for obvious reasons.
WHEN: Applications for funding MUST be received by 30th September and they will be considered by your committee shortly after. You will be notified of collection date in November.

Further advice from the Tree Council can be found here

This is a list of native trees and accessories which we can order from our supplier, British Hardwood Trees. Orders are normally accepted late Summer for delivery in November.  In addition the BHT site has lots of useful information. Just click on the link below.

British Hardwood Tree Nursery 


image image image image







Example of Funding Application for Tree Planting…this should forwarded to committee.


Dear SNTWN Committee
Following discussion, site visits and assessment of the planting site, which is at the bottom of The Loke, Poringland, on a site known at Poringland Lakes, I have the following request for the purchase and supply of trees to make.
Description: You have visited the site and so know that it is a large former gravel extraction area, now fully enclosed by residential development. The site is run by a charity who are engaged in managing the site for the benefit of the environment and wildlife. There are several ponds which are stocked and fished by a membership, however the site is fully open to the general public as a recreation area.
There is a large, steep and south facing slope which is the area proposed for planting native tree cover. At the top of this slope a new housing development is under construction.
It is proposed to plant a native tree planting scheme on this slope, partly to screen the development but mainly to provide habitat for insects and birds.
Should approval be given, it is intended to plant the trees and shrubs in a series of mixed species copses at different heights across the south facing slope. The success of the planting will be monitored and extended in later years if thought appropriate.
The trees chosen will give food to birds as well as insects and thereby provide more food as well as nesting cover and habitat for an increasing variety of birds and bats. As the tree cover increases it is intended to provide nesting boxes for birds and habitat boxes for bats, as are already provided elsewhere on the site.
The tree planting will be undertaken under the direction and guidance of myself and another tree warden, Mr Peter Aspinall, who is a member of The Lakes group. Most of the planting will be undertaken by the members of the Lakes user group.
Ownership: Poringland Lakes Association Contact: Mr Rod Witham 01508 493363

Quantity    Size.             Common Name  Latin Name

6 x                                   Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulus)
6 x                                   Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera)
6 x           40-60cm         Bird Cherry (Prunus padus)
6 x           40-60cm         Wayfaring Tree (Prunus lantana)
6 x           40-60cm         Elderberry ( Sambucus nigra)
6 x           40-60cm         Spindle (Euonymus europaeus)
6 x           40-60cm         Common dogwood (Cornus sanguinea)
6 x           40-60cm         Hawthorn (Crateagus monogyna)
6 x           40-60cm         Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)
6 x           40-60cm         Dog Rose (Rosa canina)
6 x           40-60cm         Hazel (Corylus avellana)

The following trees will be planted to augment the existing trees on the site:

6 x           40-40cm         Goat willow (Salix caprea)
6 x           40-60cm         Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)
6 x           40-60cm         Wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis)

Total: 84 trees


Plastic tree shelters – sufficient left over from previous plantings, so no cost there!
Bamboo canes: 100 @ 0.9m tall

Application submitted by: AN Other Tree Warden for XXXXXX
Mobile: 66666666666