Extract from SNTWN Forum 11th April 2016

The Insurance Scheme was explained. We are insured for public liability. The full policy can be seen on the web. It is important to note: that there is no cover for using power tools or chainsaws nor working from height. If a warden wishes to use such tools they must obtain their own insurance cover. Due diligence to health and safety must be observed – the wearing of hi-vis tabards and proper workmanlike clothing etc, and ensuring there are no hazards to working in the area ( overhead or underground services etc) If a warden is leading a group of volunteers in a planting/maintenance project then they are also covered but must be briefed by the warden on all aspects above.”

Additionally Tree Wardens should ensure that a Risk Assessment is carried out prior to starting any planting (or similar) activities. Completed forms must be retained and safely stored. Click here for Risk Assessment Forms

The full Insurance Policy Schedule can be found by following the link below