Back to Nature Project in Cringleford

This project is being led by Richard Beese Cringleford Tree Warden. If you can support the project in any way please contact him at the email address above.


Conkers under threat

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Sara Lom interview on BBC Radio Norfolk

Sara, Ceo of the Tree Council gave an interview today 1st August on the Chrissie Jackson show. To listen to the interview go to BBC iPlayer and forward the programme to 38minutes 40seconds. This will be available until 30th August.

The latest edition of Tree Guardian is now available to read here


Share your news in the monthly Tree Guardian

Do you have news you’d like to share with the rest of the Tree Warden network? It might be the results of your latest tree planting or tree care activity, an interesting find, a successful project or event, or perhaps you’d like to highlight the especially hard work of one or more of the Tree Wardens in your network? Well, we’re creating a new monthly spot in The Tree Council email newsletter for Tree Wardens, the Tree Guardian, to do just that.

If you have a story you’d like to share, please send a paragraph or a few bullet points of information to Head of Comms, Holly Chetan-Welsh at Please include whatever information is needed to tell your story, and wherever possible, a photograph (or even video!). Holly will take a look and one item will be chosen for each monthly update. If your submission is chosen, she may get in touch with you directly for more information, so please include your contact information.

If your suggestion isn’t chosen straight away, don’t be discouraged, as it may appear in a later edition.

The submission deadlines for the rest of the year will be:

July/August Tree Guardian: Thursday 25th July
September: Wednesday 28th August
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November: Wednesday 30th October
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Christmas edition: Wednesday 11th December
Holly Chetan-Welsh

Head of Communications and Partnerships


Tree Council Policy Digest June 2019

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BBC Radio Norfolk Nick Conrad, Trees

Nick Conrad featured Trees on a recent programme and invited South Norfolk Tree Warden Network to contribute to the show. Henry Gowman attended on our behalf. The show is available to hear by following the link below. Henry’s contribution can be heard at 1hr 40mins.

The Network has been shortlisted for Environmental Champion of the Year


Rainforests still being devastated


The Tree Council has announced grants will be available for tree planting this year. NOTE: The closing date is 5pm 17th May. For details and an application form click Here

We are delighted to announce that with the help of Julie Ringer, Community Capacity Builder, South Norfolk Council, we have received a very generous donation from Busseys car dealership as part of their Tree Planting Around Norfolk Initiative.  For more information click  Here

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Latest news on Ash dieback

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12 MillionTrees to be planted by 2022!

Hello Geraldine,
I saw this snippet, presumably from a Government press release and presuming that The Tree Council have been involved in forming this new policy/project, I wondered if Tree Wardens were going to be involved in the placement and planting of these trees?
I look forward to hearing more.
With kind regards,
Henry Gowman

Dear Henry

Many thanks for your email and query about tree planting. Last year was an exciting one for trees and 2019 looks as if it will be the same. I have attached a Policy Digest (with some useful links) that we prepared for our Trustees which you might find interesting as a summary of 2018.

This year, the government’s consultation on tree felling closes at the end of February. You may have read our draft response in the most recent edition of The Tree Guardian, encouraging Tree Wardens to submit their views too. I hope you have done so! The more people who respond, the better it will demonstrate public interest and care for England’s trees. You don’t have to answer all the questions – just the ones where you feel you have something to say.

On the happy note of tree planting, yes, The Tree Council has been a key member of the group helping define how the £10m promised by the Chancellor last year for urban trees might be distributed. At a meeting with Defra earlier this month, they outlined the likely timetable as follows – still to be confirmed:
Application guidelines published March/April 2019
Window to apply – until June
Decisions made in July
Grant awards announced in August
Planting from this autumn onwards (may be over two seasons)

We’re starting to develop The Tree Council’s application (consulting with others in the sector to ensure a co-ordinated approach) which will, if successful, involve a programme of planting with Tree Wardens (a great way to celebrate your 30th anniversary year in 2020!) I don’t have more details at present but hope this background is helpful. When we have more information, we will involve the Tree Wardens in the proposal via the new Pilot Advisory Group. There may be a second round of grant-giving for small community groups in 2020 – still to be confirmed.

The above is slightly different from the government’s overall commitment to plant 11/12 million trees by 2022. We’re involved in the wider picture here too but focused on the more immediate opportunity at present.

Warmest wishes and many thanks to you and all the South Norfolk Tree Wardens for everything you do to help the trees and inspire others to connect with the natural world.


Sara Lom
Chief Executive


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If you wish to be involved in The Tree Council’s Advisory Group follow the Nomination link in the newsletter.Closing date is 15th February.

“ASH” – Archie Miles

Please see email below: Archie is a superb photographer and an acknowledged world expert on trees and woodland. I think, if enough of you contact me to say you would be interested in purchasing a signed copy of his book, that we could organise a meeting and talk from him? Please let me know soonest if you would support that notion.



Dear Henry,

A quick message to make you aware of my recently published monograph “ASH”, which I am sure would be of interest to many of your fellow tree wardens. A lavishly illustrated, large format hardback book (300x250mm 216pp rrp £30), “ASH” covers every aspect of the tree – historical, botanical & cultural. Although I have a substantial back catalogue of tree books I couldn’t get any of my previous mainstream publishers interested in this timely project, so I went out to find the funding elsewhere. From conception to realisation “ASH” has taken over three years to produce. The Woodland Trust and the Association of AONBs stepped into the breach and helped to make the book a reality. I believe “ASH” will stand as a definitive record of a time and place in our landscape and ecology – crucial when one considers the long term prognosis.

Not only did I create the book, but I am now publisher and distributor so am able to make signed copies of “ASH” available directly to your members, who can contact me via this email address to order copies (£30 inc. p&p). You may also like to know that I am available to come and present my “ASH” illustrated talk to member groups – please contact me for more details.

I have book covers, author images, glowing feedback and a sampler pdf that I can send, but since many emails with attachments hit the spam folder I am not doing this in the first instance. Please contact me if you would like to see more, otherwise take a quick squint at my website. I would be very grateful if you can circulate this email or info about the book to your group.

Best wishes,

Archie Miles
01432 820588 & 07964 841354

See what I’ve been up to on my blog at